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1. What is the difference between FREE and PRO? 

FREE Plan provides the basics of creating the biolink, customize the URL of bousla.me/yourname and adding unlimited number of links. While the PRO Plan provides an access to all the features such as: in-depth statistics, full customization, remove branding and much more.

2. Can I cancel my membership? Do a refund?

All cancellations are possible when communicated via email info@bousla.me and remaining accounts will be executed accordingly for the removing period of time deducting from the amount the commission rate. 

3. How to use bousla features?

You can enjoy the bousla service by registering and selecting your suitable plan (FREE or PRO).

4. Can I add have multiple links under one account?

Yes; unlimited number of links can be added in both plans.

5. What are bousla Statistics?

In-depth Statistics is a feature available in for PRO USERS providing statistical numbers about the links’ visitors.

6. How can I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

To upgrade:

Login – Click on your name on top-right – Account – Plan – Upgrade Plan; continue with selecting what is suitable for you.

To downgrade:

Please refer to question #2.

7. What are the available payment methods?

VISA, MasterCard & PayPal.

8. How long does it take to activate my link?

The bio-link gets activated immediately once you register – verify email <finalize the payment in case you are a PRO USER>

9. What is the maximum limit link for FREE and PRO?

In both plans; you have unlimited number of links to be added to your bio-link.

10. Can I export data from the merchant portal? How can I export data from the merchant portal?

Currently; there is no option to export data to excel.

11. How can I advertise or book a banner on your website?

All Marketing collaborations are welcomed to be communicated via info@bousla.me

12. How to reset my password?

Login – Click on your name on top-right – Account – Scroll down to Change Password seciont

If forgot password; Go to login page – forgot password link at the bottom

13. How to renew my subscription? Or is my subscription automatically renewed?

Memberships get renewed automatically by default unless you uncheck the auto-renewal box while subscribing

14. How can I change the color, font, and size of my links?

Full customization feature is only available for the PRO Plan

15. My questions were not answered here, how can I contact bousla team?

You are always welcomed to connect with us via the Chat Tool or by dropping an email to us: info@bousla.me


Last updated on: 7 April, 2021